About ME

My name is Edward D. Suppes, I’m 18 years old and I attend Capital High School, and South Puget Sound Community College (through running start), as a Senior. My favorite sport is rollerblading, whether it’s around the streets or in a skating rink, with swimming coming up second. Other hobbies I enjoy are climbing, reading (non-f and fictional), walking, and working out.

I’m an active volunteer with the Union Gospel Mission, the Washinton Trail Association, and the library in my high school. Working unofficially with a few employers at their ranches and yards as a part-time job during my time in school. And I attend the United Church of God, wherein I attend services, camps, holy days and feasts, lead Sabbath services as the song leader, and work in the back on sound, lighting, webcasting, and the phone hook up.