Capstone Project – Top 2 Ideas


Ship Rekt (Action Adventure)

There is one large island and it’s cut up into smaller areas that the character will be able to walk into and out of to the next area. There will be random chests you will find around the map that contain materials, armor, weapons, or tools. There will be enemies such as goblins that will attack you and block your way to areas, with the weapons and amor you find you can fight them. The objective of the game is to survive until you can escape from the island by making a boat/raft or be rescued by making a beacon large enough to get somebody attention. You can make these two by finding tools and materials on the Island.





HumenZ TD (Tower Defense)

There is no plot, maybe I’ll decide to add one. But there multiple maps that you can play from. In each map you can build turrets or units, upgrade them, and tell them to attack strong, first, weak, or close enemies. And everytime you win a map you gain gold. With that gold you can buy permanent upgrades for either your turrets, or in-game add-ons like an upgrade that allows you to see all the enemies in the next wave.

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