2.C.2.B: Contemporary Game Assignment


Vega Conflict

Image by download.net.pl – mobile – Vega Conflict was created by Kixeye

What were the game’s apparent design goals?

I think the design goals were to create a game that has a futuristic feel to it. The graphics are great and the comparison size wise with the planets, your base, ships, and other peoples’ bases are well made, which I think were their goals. Another goal is good gameplay, the ships, and weapons, shields, armor for those ships are well balanced with the base defenses, turrets, armor, and shields. And maybe a goal of creating a game with insane size. And the scale of the game is insane, there are, I believe I’m correct, 4 galaxies. In each galaxy there are about 4 planets, and in each planets are about 50 – 100 different bases, each owned by a player. It takes about one minute or two to travel from galaxy to galaxy.


What were the mechanics?

The mechanics aren’t hard, you get used to it pretty quick. Left click and drag is used throughout the entire game to look around the map, base, and outer-space. And left click/click and hold is used also to move around buildings in your base or add modules to ships. Left click is used for basically everything. While attacking your ships will automatically attack if something is in range but otherwise left click is to attack and fly straight towards the target, or click near it. Right click is for strafing, so like if you right click to the right of where your ship is facing then the ship will go towards where you clicked while facing the direction that it was. This can also be used for backing up.


What kinds of interesting decisions (and uninteresting ones) were you making throughout the game?

Interesting and uninteresting decisions you have to make throughout the game,

  • What base to attack, what to upgrade, where to put my defenses, what to put on my turrets and ships, etc.
  • What alliance to join.
  • Who to become friends or enemies with.
  • What strategy to use to defeat this base.(An example from my experience, ok so this base has all short range turrets, so I should attack with all long range ships. Or they have all long range turrets, so my long range ships won’t stand a change so I should go brunt force with battleships instead. And somewhere between.)
  • What I want to name my base/character.
  • Do I want to move my base to a different planet in a different galaxy?

Game Modification Task Sheet

Provide a detailed overview of the object of the game.

The object of the game is to create a base strong enough to beat off attackers. While making a fleet strong enough to defeat other players’ bases. You can do this in many different ways. You can gain resources from your base resource production, attacking cargo fleets, or attacking bases. Basically you can play aggressively or passively. Maybe even join alliance and fight in a war if you want to get resources like that.


List 3 or more things you like about the game. Why?

  • Competition: striving to have the strongest fleet and base, to be the best and beat everyone. (Which I’m so far from, lol)
  • Socializing: don’t take this wrong, but I really like playing with all the other hundreds of active players on the game. Attacking them, fending them off, chatting, making friends. For example, I met this girl(don’t be weird), and we started chatting. Then we were sending all our best fleets and sparing. We both won about the same number of times, but now I’m just friends with her and we chat every once in a while.
  • Strategizing/designing: how to attack, what to attack with, how many ships, what class(es) of ships to use, what to put on those ships, long range or short range weapons, etc. How to build my base(kind of the same as attacking, what to this and that). And what alliance to join, which one will benefit me the most, which one will I like better, which one probably has better people that will chat or help you if aid is needed. The list goes on and on.
  • Graphics(they are amazing), the weapons firing are the best part. Or explosions.


List 3 or more things you do not like about the game. Why?

  • Waiting: I know this sounds wrong, plus it actually does make the game better and more fun. But I hate waiting for things to upgrade, build, or repair. Once you get way higher in level, things just start taking really long, like an hour or two to repair my fleet. Or a day to upgrade some building.
  • I can’t think of anything else I do not like about the game…(I really like the game)
  • I hate getting killed by other players? Does that count, I don’t know.


List 3 or more reasons why you think the game you are reviewing is successful.

  • Once you get way further into the game, things just start taking so long, and it’s really hard to get specific ships or materials. So… since the game is so addictive, you get tempted to spend money. It is additive and fun. And a lot of people do spend money.
  • The graphics and gameplay are amazing. I believe Vega Conflict is actually listed under the top ten browser games with great graphics in some websites. The game is very well balanced in shields, armor, health, movement speed, damage, resources, etc. And a game that is fair and equally balanced to defend and attack is more fun than one that is not.
  • Options, the immense number of different things you can do is insane. What to build, what to upgrade, what to attach to this ship(weapons, armor, etc), what to attack, how to defend, etc. And options make the game more fun because freedom of choice is fun(In my opinion it is). Picking what strategy you want to use for attack is the most fun part.


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